TERRAIN: The Film | Event Screening License (Up to 200 Attendees)

Event License for one time in-person screening of TERRAIN: The Film.


1. TERRAIN: The Film 4K and HD1080p .mp4 files
2. Promotional Graphics and PSD files
3. Film Descriptions for Promotional Copy
4. TERRAIN: The Film Event Screening License

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$99.00 USD

By purchasing this license, I agree to the following terms:

  1. I will use this Screening License for a single screening only of TERRAIN: The Film, at the in-person event described and dated on my accompanying Event Detail Form.
  2. I will not broadcast, reproduce, sell, or distribute, any files, video, communications, or contracts that are provided as part of this Screening License.
  3. I will present the material in the spirit that it was created, that Terrain Theory is the correct scientific position for the advancement of knowledge and human health.
  4. I will not use this screening opportunity to defame the filmmakers, the cast, or the material presented.
  5. I am responsible for all aspects of creating, organizing, promoting, and managing my screening event.
  6. I will have all technical aspects of my event and screening working correctly in the event that I am granted a Q&A session with Andrew Kaufman, M.D. and/or Marcelina Cravat.
  7. I promise to conduct myself in truth and right action in all of my dealings with Andrew Kaufman, M.D. and his associates.

I agree to all of the above terms.

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