Nature’s Catalyst for True Healing


A Terrain Workshop by Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

Includes: The Ultimate Detox Protocol 3.0

Ready to take charge of your health with nature’s most powerful remedy?

Step outside the healthcare system into a new level of wellness.

Inside this recorded 90-minute workshop and Q&A, discover my ultimate detox protocol to help you achieve ultimate health — without spending thousands of dollars and countless dissatisfying hours inside the mainstream medical complex.

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“I enjoyed everything! In fact I feel like I’m finally getting true information for natural living and healing as we are intended to be. I’m feeling re‑inspired to continue healing my body/mind/spirit and passing this information on to others to consider! ❤️🙏” — Kim T.

Don’t Let Big Pharma Bury This Remedy Again!

Take control of your health over the long term

You may or may not feel sick today, but you know there are pollutants attacking your body every day. 

Airborne chemicals you can’t escape, even if you use eco-friendly cleaners in your home. 

The minute you enter your workplace or run your errands, you’re no longer in control of your environment. You have no choice but to breathe in invisible toxins. 

And although you can’t see them with the naked-eye, these toxic ‘forever chemicals’ accumulate in your system and wreak havoc. 

They can send cholesterol levels sky-high, change liver enzymes, and even increase the risk of preeclampsia in pregnant women.  

Often the general feeling of not being well is your body’s first cry for help. But without a cleansing detox, your body may start to manifest more serious symptoms of toxic overload — cancer, autoimmune conditions, dementia, problems with fertility, and even neurodivergence in children.

People like you and I have started to wake up to this collective poisoning. But there’s so much information out there that finding a credible source of truth can be difficult. 

That’s where I come in.

Introducing Terrain Workshop #4

Nature’s Catalyst for True Healing

After years of fine-tuning, I’m unveiling the 3.0 version of my ultimate detox protocol in this life changing 90-minute workshop and Q&A. I’ll leave no stone unturned — and you’ll leave the workshop with a complete step-by-step guide to eliminating "forever’ chemicals from your body.

*Earlier versions of this protocol were previously only available through private consultation, where 90-minute sessions start at $1200USD!*

After seeing firsthand the benefits of using turpentine, I knew I had to make this healing protocol available to more people.

Simply knowing how to safely use turpentine to heal a myriad of ailments could save you thousands of dollars in healthcare bills, eliminate many doctor visits, and bring you a step closer to medical freedom.

In this thoroughly informative and actionable workshop, you’ll get the exact steps to take to perform The Ultimate Detox Protocol 3.0 including:

  • How to prepare your body to detox fat-soluble toxins so you can embrace life to its fullest, sooner.
  • How to listen to your body so you can reduce cleansing reactions.
  • My recommended starting dose (it may surprise you).
  • The ins and outs of when to increase the dose.
  • How to determine the maximum effective dose, for you. 
  • A timeline for completing the detox for maximum benefit.
  • Ways to complete the detox – even if you’ve got a hectic schedule.
  • A complete supply list and recommended vendors. 
  • A list of other ways turpentine can be used to promote healing for a variety of injuries and illnesses (based on the Merck Manual of 1899 ).

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask me your questions during the LIVE Q & A session immediately following the teaching portion of the workshop. 

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Turpentine: Your simple, cost-effective remedy 

No health insurance required

Although society has tried to keep you from using it, turpentine has actually been tested for hundreds of years. It was often the only medicine the less fortunate had access to, and they used it to cure many ailments. And when doctors of privileged families said they’d done all they could, they sent for those who knew first hand the healing benefits of turpentine. With good results. 

In fact, the Merck Manual from 1899 lists turpentine as a treatment option over 100 times. 

It’s known for relieving joint, nerve, and muscle pain. And according to a 3-month study in 300 people, turpentine oil was as effective as capsaicin cream at treating pain caused by diabetic neuropathy, or nerve damage in people with diabetes, when applied to the skin.

Turpentine oil has been used to relieve congestion and toothaches and to prevent infections.

And today turpentine is still hidden on the ingredient list in Vicks VapoRub.


“Turpentine saved my tooth. I noticed my tooth started to hurt a little. As time went by, I could tell it was infected. The pain increased and I knew I had to do something. I swished [turpentine] in the mouth for two minutes twice a day for about a week. It worked and that was several years ago.” — Cheryl Pierce


Turpentine is not just a paint thinner — it’s an all‑natural healing remedy that our ancestors used time and time again for so many ailments.


It is 100% gum spirits, made from pine sap in a process similar to maple syrup. 

And while that tasty maple syrup you drench your pancakes in is made by evaporating water off maple sap, turpentine is the 100% gum spirits left behind from the distilling process. 

Longleaf Pine is historically the most important source of turpentine. 

  1. First, its bark is removed to expose the sapwood. 
  2. A system of gutters is created to collect the resin. (This collection process can last for a few months or even years!)
  3. Next, the resin is distilled and it separates into turpentine and rosin.
  4. Finally, the 100% gum spirits are refined into medicinal turpentine used in detox and healing protocols.

When administered correctly, in the method you’ll learn in my Power of Pine workshop, it is a safe and effective detox protocol that will help you remove toxins your body is not equipped to process on its own.

But, maybe you’re scared. And it’s no wonder. 

In the early 1900s, Rockefeller demonized natural health remedies like turpentine. 

He forcibly overturned holistic and herbal medicine and turned it into a centrally controlled medical system that churns out doctors that only know how to prescribe petrochemical pills for profit. 

So, if it feels like you have to fight for health freedom, it’s because you do. If it feels like you need to dig for truth, it’s because you do. 

And if coming here feels like hope – that’s because there is hope. 

There is a cost effective path to health sovereignty. 

And it can start with a simple step-by-step detox protocol using pine – nature’s powerful ally to help you rid your body of the fat-soluble toxins trapped in your cells. 

It’s time to dig deep into history and unearth the remedies the Rockefellers stole from us. It’s time to make safe detox protocols a normal part of your health care.

It’s time to take back your health autonomy. Now.

Take a peek inside

In this 90-minute workshop I’ll present my research and insights on turpentine and unveil The Ultimate Detox Protocol 3.0

You’ll get:

  • A clear understanding of how our bodies get polluted by microplastics and other lipid nanoparticles our bodies weren’t made to process.
  • A full explanation of why turpentine is nature’s gift to us, allowing our bodies to finally release the toxins that are sending you to the doctor.
  • Presentation of scientific evidence of the positive outcomes from using turpentine to treat a wide range of ailments.
  • Go back in time and see how turpentine has been used as a potent remedy for over 100 years. 
  • You’ll hear how people suffering from the same ailments that send you to the doctor have been successfully treated with my detox protocol.

The Ultimate Detox Protocol 3.0

  • Only ever shared with my private clients. (You’ll get the updated version, improved for maximum therapeutic benefit.)
  • Contains step-by-step instructions on the indications and safe use of one of the cheapest and most effective medicines ever discovered.
  • Instructs how to manage your body’s healing response throughout the protocol so you can achieve the best result.

Forever Access to the Replay

You’ll want to rewatch this workshop as you implement the protocol. No need to take notes during the workshop. You’ll get a copy of the complete transcript to make it easier to review the material.

Workshop Slides & Q&A

You’ll get a copy of my slides so you can fully engage in the workshop experience without taking screenshots of slides. And you'll get your most pressing questions answered about using turpentine in this powerful detox protocol.

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Meet your health guide

Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

Hey there, I’m Andy. 

We might have been introduced several years ago when I blew the whistle on the Plandemic and got fired from my position as a psychiatrist. Or perhaps a friend shared one of my many YouTube videos with you. Or it could be that we’ve met via Zoom on a live masterclass in my True Living Fellowship. 

However we met, I’m glad you’re part of this ever growing community of freedom sojourners looking for true healing options outside the medical system.

Health autonomy is often the first step to true freedom, which is why I’ve been relentless in my pursuit of medical truth. 

I’ve debunked germ theory, divulged secrets to staying out of the ER, and now, for the first time outside my health consulting practice, I’m sharing The Utlimate Detox Potocol 3.0. 

It’s time to significantly increase the scope of your health authority. 

In truth, health, and freedom, 

Isn’t turpentine poisonous?

And answers to other pressing questions you might have…

I absolutely love turpentine. It is the most powerful cleanser that I have used. When waste and toxins are out of tissues the parasites will leave as well and you can even see them in your stool.” — Dr. Tom Cowan

Take back your power with one protocol that could help you get out of the mainstream medical matrix for good

Experience a full 90-minute session with me as I explain how toxins sneak their way into your bloodstream, and even your organs, and why they’re making you ill.

You’ll learn exactly how to use a turpentine-based protocol to get rid of the stubborn fat-soluble toxins wreaking havoc on your health.

You’ll have the same step-by-step guidance through the protocol only my private clients have had access to up until now (without paying my $1200USD consultation fee!)

All for only $97 USD

(Are you a True Living Fellowship member? Get it for 50% off!)
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Step into true health autonomy and heal the root cause of many illnesses — without a doctor.

If you're wondering how to step into your health autonomy, my number one suggestion is to listen to your body. It’ll give you signs to guide you on your healing journey. And it truly is your journey. 

This workshop is all about getting to know your body's messages, so you can feel strong, well, and confident, whatever comes up. 

Each step you take to remove harmful toxins will help you reclaim your health and lead you closer to autonomy. Every day you’ll embody a more holistic approach to health, integrating clean living and detox protocols. Each year you’ll look back and see the progress you’ve made. 

Forever chemicals CAN be short-lived. I can't wait to share this radical health secret that nobody wants you to know. 

In fellowship,

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Accolades for Previous Terrain Workshops

“Quality information, organized in an easy to understand manner. Presentation style by Dr. Kaufman was very slow enough to consume and logical which all made the workshop material more effective to digest. Pun intended.” — Steve